Step to open Tally.ERP


1) You can open tally by clicking on the Tally.ERP 9 icon on desktop to display Licensing Operations Startup

Step to open Tally.ERP 9

2) Choose and enter ’Work in Educational Mode’ option or press ALT+W to display Silver and Gold edition option. 

3) Select and enter Silver Edition Mode (or press ALT+I) to continue.

4) Finally it displays the Gateway of Tally with Default Company loaded. You can see the screen below which is showing as the current company along with Esancial period, currem date and last date of entry in the left hand side of the window.

In the right hand side of the window there are common menu items to operate the accounts. If you go through the menus carefully you can easily understand the functions of the items. We will discuss with these later.

At the extreme right there are some buttons (Select Cmp, Shut Cmp, etc.) are given These buttons oftenchanges according to the screen behavior. These buttons are given with the keyboard shortcuts along with the button label. As for example, Select Cmp button 15 labeled with F1. This means F1 is the keyboard shortcut of the Select Cmp. Some of the shortcuts are single or double underlined. Single underline means the shortcut key will be a combination of Alt key, for example the key mentioned (F1 means Alt+FD. Double underlined key sare combination of Ctrl key, for example the key mentioned (F1 means Ctr-F1).

The Gateway of Tally screen contains the following major areas: Horizontal Button Bar: It contains buttons like Print, Export, E-mail, Language and etc.Close Button: The Close Button in the upper right comer functions similar to the use of Esc in Tally.ERP9,1t brings you to back to the Gateway of Tally.ERP 9 from any screen.Current Status: At the left pane, you get the information about current working, like Current Period,Current Date and Active Company.Tally Menu: At the right part of the Gateway screen, the Gateway of Tally appears showing the list of MenuOptions. Select a Menu item to invoke a task. You may have to drill down several levels of Menu till you reach the menu option to invoke the desired task.Information Panel: At the left bottom part of Gateway of Tally screen, you get Software Name & Version(LikeTally.ERP 9), User Version, Serial number (or Educational when unregistered) and the version of the statutory file in use. Calculator Pane: The Calculator Pane allows you to perform an arithmetical calculation required by the usereliminating the need of an additional calculator at his desk. To activate the calculator, press Ctrl+N or click within the Calculator Pane where ever it is displayed.Vertical Button Bar: At the right most part of the Gateway, the Button Bar shows several buttons with Functionkey / Hot key, to provide quick and direct access to various options and tasks. Depending on various options set, some buttons may be inactive (the inactive buttons are dimmed).

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