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Ledger Creation

Creation of Ledger :

1) Go to Gateway of Tally >Accounts Info>Ledgers>Single Ledger>Create.

2) Now enter the ledger name field and select the appropriate group the list of groups at under field.

Name : Type the name of the ledger  and press enter. Notice that tally automatically capitalises the first letter for you.

Alias : This is a simple mechanism of identifying an account by another name.

Under : Select the group for the ledger . Select of group should be made every carefully because all there ports depend on this . There are list of existing groups from where we can select the particular group for the ledger.

Inventory Values are Afected : Set this option Yes, if there is any effect over the stock value in respect of changes in the balance of this ledger. Normally the ledgers under Purchase and Sale effects inventory . So for Capital A/C set this option No.

Mailing Details : The fields under the group accept address detail. Normally it is useful for the party ledgers. We not need mention any address detail for the Capital A/C.

Tax Information :  These fields are for the statutory information of the party. It is not applicable for the Capital A/C.

Opening Balance : These is for putting the opening balance of the ledger.

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