Alternation of Company Profile


There may be some changes required in company information (like changing of address, email, etc.) and that must have to be updated. To update the changes you need to alter the company information.

1) To alter Company information press ALT+F3 from Gateway of tally to open Company Info menu.

2) Select Alter from Company Info menu and select the Company from list of selected companies.

3) The Company Alteration screen showing the information entered in the Company Creation screen is displayed.

4) At Company Alteration screen, you may carry out necessary alteration or fill up any blank field left earlier. Go to the field which you want to change. Here we are changing the email addressof the company from to

5) Press Ctrl+A to save company alteration screen and revert back to the Select item screen.
6) Keep pressing Esc key until you revert back to Gateway of tally screen,

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